Every Journey Begins Somewhere

About Us

HELIX Hemp Co. was founded not on the basis of hype nor trend but rather, to educate, ensure longevity of the industry, and to provide new and existing users the best products through high quality, US-sourced products and ingredients. 

At HELIX, we put the needs and well-being of our clients and fellow CBD Community Members in the forefront of our business. That's why we hand-source every aspect of our business, from individual farmers to hardware suppliers. Everything we have for sale go through an extensive R&D process (often times taking several months) before hitting the shelves. 


We are proud to say all of our Hemp derived CBD is grown, harvested, and extracted from the highest quality CBD-rich hemp plants in Colorado, in full compliance with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture.

Our personal relationship with farmers, extractors, and distributors make it easy for us to ensure only the highest quality products make it to your doorsteps. We also employ a "small-batch" approach at our company, meaning every package we send out contains fresh, recently harvested and extracted, CBD-rich products.